History, Politics and Social Studies

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Courses covering the political, social, historical and cultural aspects of human civilization

Undergraduate courses Undergraduate courses

American Studies

BA (Hons)

Enhance your understanding of the Americas in a global context - their nation-states and peoples, their diverse cultures, and their shared past and present

American Studies and History

BA (Hons)

Match an interest in European history and culture to another in the Americas, studying these complementary subjects in depth

European Studies and International Relations

BA (Hons)

This course provides the tools to understand the fundamental historical, political and social changes in Europe and its place in the world

European Union Studies

BA (Hons) Subject to approval

Spend the final year of your undergraduate degree in Portsmouth's European Studies programme


BA (Hons)

An active and analytical approach to researching and writing about history, with optional topics ranging from the fifteenth century to the present

History and Politics

BA (Hons)

A course designed to enable you to engage with contemporary political activity, examine past controversies and analyse their historical parallels

International Development Studies

BA (Hons)

This course encompasses the complex issues surrounding developing countries in a globalised world and offers an insight into current transnational concerns

International Development Studies and Languages

BA (Hons)

This course teaches you to understand international development in the context of learning a related language to support cultural awareness

International Relations

BA (Hons)

This course explores contemporary issues in an international context and aims to advance your understanding of the world we live in

International Relations and History

BA (Hons)

A course focusing on the contemporary international political system and the social and historical developments that have shaped it

International Relations and Languages

BA (Hons)

Learn the language of international relations, its national and transnational economic and political forces, and how to express these in a foreign language

International Relations and Politics

BA (Hons)

An integrated course examining and analysing international affairs and the interrelationship of national and world politics


BA (Hons)

Enhance your understanding of political behaviour, institutions and public policy alongside the development of critical analysis and evaluative skills


BSc (Hons)

A course which explores how and why society changes, while providing classical and modern theories for researching the social world

Sociology and Criminology

BSc (Hons)

This course is based on the social theories of crime and criminal justice enabling you to engage with and evaluate current critical debates and classical theories in both fields

Sociology and Media Studies

BA (Hons)

A strong foundation in the theory and methodology of both sociology and media studies, allowing you to apply an analytical eye to this social phenomenon

Sociology with Psychology

BSc (Hons)

A course to develop your understanding of human behaviour in its social and cultural context providing a deep insight into human society

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Postgraduate courses Postgraduate courses

European Law and Policy


This course provides expertise in the workings of the EU including a knowledge of EU law, institutions and policy-making processes

European Studies


Informed by research at our Centre for European and International Studies Research, this course follows an interdisciplinary study of the EU and its relations with the transnational world

History of War, Culture and Society


War is a history of ourselves; this course is an opportunity to explore culture, politics, society and how war had shaped nationhood

International Relations and European Studies


This course is an advanced study of the EU and the world in a period of dramatic change in international politics

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Lightbulb Postgraduate Research

Postgraduate Research

The School of Social, Historical and Literary Studies (SSHLS) has a well-established reputation for its well-developed research culture and strong commitment to scholarship and publication, which informs all our teaching and provides an up-to-date education in a research active learning environment.

Our researchers' work relates to a varied array of subjects spanning the SSHLS portfolio, including history, literary studies, sociology, and politics and international relations.

We welcome PhD research applications from anyone who has an interest in any of the areas above. Please contact us by email to discuss your research ideas and research proposals.

MRes Humanities and Social Sciences

This Master's offers the opportunity to study your core interest in depth, with flexible opportunities to expand your knowledge of a specific subject area and complementary research thesis in any area of education, criminology and criminal justice, applied linguistics, translation, politics and international relations, history, or literary studies. Read more.

Graduate School

The University of Portsmouth Graduate School is a dedicated centre for all postgraduate research students and supervisors. It supports, administers and coordinates training for the MPhil, PhD, and Professional Doctorate programmes. We have a dynamic population of over 600 research students, including many international students, who form an essential and valued part of the of the University’s research culture.

The Graduate School is here to guide you through the necessary steps to becoming a postgraduate research student. A good starting point is to look at the different research degree options we offer and then to consider the research degree areas we can supervise.

If you have any questions about studying for a research degree at the University of Portsmouth, please complete our enquiry form and read more about how to apply.

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