Mathematics and Physics

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Integral to the 21st century, these subjects provide routes to industries such as finance, communications and transport

Undergraduate courses Undergraduate courses

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

BSc (Hons)

An established and vocational course that meets the demands of one of the fastest growing global industry sectors


BSc (Hons) Accredited

A distinguished course with a strong mathematical core supported by practical and analytical elements encompassing statistics, operational research and modelling

Mathematics for Finance and Management

BSc (Hons) Accredited

With a focus on analysis and modelling for investments and budgets, this is the most directly relevant of all our mathematics degrees to the world of industry and commerce

Mathematics with Statistics

BSc (Hons) Accredited

This course combines mathematics with statistical theories relevant to the world of business, commerce and government

Applied Physics

BSc (Hons)

Recognised by the Institute of Physics, this course will give you a broad-based physics education preparing you industry roles or further study and research

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Postgraduate courses Postgraduate courses

Logistics and Supply Chain Management


A business-focused course providing all the vital implementation skills to solve logistics and supply chain management problems in order to streamline their processes

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Lightbulb Postgraduate Research

Postgraduate Research

Mathematics has a long history at the University of Portsmouth. Our researchers’ work spans a broad range of themes, focussed currently around logistics and management mathematics, nonlinear and complex systems, biostatistics and molecular design, numerical analysis, mathematics education, science and theology and cosmology and gravitation.

You will conduct your research in a thriving research atmosphere, together with other postgraduate research students undertaking MPhil and PhD reserarch, Postdoctoral Fellows, and our academic research staff. It is our practice to have continual, usually daily contact between postgraduate research students and their supervisors, nurtured by the Department's practice of encouraging our postgraduate research students to participate in our regularly organised events and conferences.

We welcome PhD research applications from anyone who has an interest in any of the areas above. Please contact us by email to discuss your research ideas and research proposals.

Graduate School

The University of Portsmouth Graduate School is a dedicated centre for all postgraduate research students and supervisors. It supports, administers and coordinates training for the MPhil, PhD, and Professional Doctorate programmes. We have a dynamic population of over 600 research students, including many international students, who form an essential and valued part of the of the University’s research culture.

The Graduate School is here to guide you through the necessary steps to becoming a postgraduate research student. A good starting point is to look at the different research degree options we offer and then to consider the research degree areas we can supervise.

If you have any questions about studying for a research degree at the University of Portsmouth, please complete our enquiry form and read more about how to apply.

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