Modern Languages and Area Studies

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Study more than just grammar and vocabulary with one of our language or communication courses

Undergraduate courses Undergraduate courses

Applied Languages

BA (Hons)

This course enables you to develop specialist knowledge and communication skills in a number of languages including French, Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin) to name a few

Combined Modern Languages

BA (Hons)

A rich and diverse course that combines the study of languages with their countries’ history, politics, society, culture and economy

Communication and English Studies

BA (Hons)

Study practical, theoretical and business-related aspects of communication as you improve and refine your English language skills

French Studies

BA (Hons)

Aimed at developing high levels of fluency in French and a specialist knowledge of history, politics, culture and society of the French-speaking world

German Studies

BA (Hons)

A pioneering approach to studying German that integrates language learning with the study of contemporary Germany from a historical and social perspective

International Business Communication

BA (Hons)

A course for non-native speakers to prepare for a career in international business and improve their English language skills

International Trade and Business Communication

BA (Hons)

For non-native speakers of English, this course aims to improve language and business skills in an English-speaking environment as preparation for a career in the global economy

International Trade, Logistics and Business Communication

BA (Hons)

Designed for non-native speaking students to study the fundamentals of logistics and international trade while improving their English language skills

Languages and European Studies

BA (Hons)

A course offering a range of optional topics covering European history, society, politics and contemporary culture in Europe, alongside the study of multiple languages.

Logistics and Business Communication

BA (Hons)

A specialist programme for non-native students who intend to develop a career in logistics and wish to develop their English language skills

Spanish and Latin American Studies

BA (Hons)

Incorporating many Spanish-speaking countries, this course allows you to choose the balance of your study of these two fascinating regions while learning this growing language

Spanish Studies

BA (Hons)

Master the language and explore the core issues in contemporary Spain through the study of the historical, economic and social development of the country

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Postgraduate courses Postgraduate courses

Applied Linguistics and TESOL


A flexible course ideal for practicing ELT/EFL/TESOL teachers to develop their understanding of the issues bearing on learning and teaching English as a foreign language

Communication and Language Skills


Combining the theory and professional practice of communication for modern business, commerce and the media, this course has a distinctive vocational orientation

Translation Studies


A flexible course leading to an accredited translation qualification designed for language graduates and practicing translators

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Flexible and Professional Flexible and Professional

Applied Linguistics and TESOL (DL)


A part-time, distance learning course enabling practicing ELT/EFL/TESOL teachers to develop their understanding of the issues bearing on learning and teaching English as a foreign language

Translation Studies (DL)


A part-time, distance learning route to an accredited translation qualification designed for language graduates and practicing translators

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Lightbulb Postgraduate Research

Postgraduate Research

Research in modern languages and area studies takes place in the Centre for European and International Studies Research (CEISR), the largest centre of its kind in the UK. Ranked first for research power in 2008 by Research Fortnight, we house clusters of specialism in fields including Transnational Europe, Languages across Borders, Francophone Africa and Co-Habited Space, and encourage cross-disciplinary work between clusters.

We welcome PhD applications from graduates interested in undertaking research in languages and area studies. Students interested in the new political, social and economic environment of 21st-century Europe may wish to take up the New Route PhD, a HEFCE-approved ‘fast-track’ alternative to the traditional programme. Contact us by email to learn more about doctoral research opportunities.

MRes Humanities and Social Sciences

This Master's offers the opportunity to study your core interest in depth, with flexible opportunities to expand your knowledge of a specific subject area and complementary research thesis in any area of education, criminology and criminal justice, applied linguistics, translation, politics and international relations, history, or literary studies. Read more.

Graduate School

The University of Portsmouth Graduate School is a dedicated centre for all postgraduate research students and supervisors. It supports, administers and coordinates training for the MPhil, PhD, and Professional Doctorate programmes. We have a dynamic population of over 600 research students, including many international students, who form an essential and valued part of the of the University’s research culture.

The Graduate School is here to guide you through the necessary steps to becoming a postgraduate research student. A good starting point is to look at the different research degree options we offer and then to consider the research degree areas we can supervise.

If you have any questions about studying for a research degree at the University of Portsmouth, please complete our enquiry form and read more about how to apply.

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